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Closet Swap


We are excited to announce the Saved You as Spot Closet Swap from 5-8pm, June 16th. This event will focus on spring and summer wardrobes. 

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Join us at Handy Special Events at 2642 Millar Ave, Saskatoon from 5-8 on Thursday June 16th.

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Good clothes deserve good homes so feel good about shopping sustainably. Pay $20 to participate and grab some new items for your closet. Proceeds stay in Saskatoon and will be donated to Out Saskatoon. Remaining clothing will be donated locally with purpose through the Saskatoon Open Door Society and to refugee families arriving to Saskatoon from the Ukraine.

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Bring your $20 and up to 10 pre-loved spring items in to Juniper and Oak Consignment,  Belong Boutique or Staśia before June 15th to participate. Then show up between 5-8 on June 16th to shop the same number of items for free! 


1. Yes you can just donate clothes (check out our list of accepted items below).


2. Yes you can just show up and shop. $25 will get you in the door last minute to pick 4 special items.


3. Yes you can pay $5 an item if you’re over your limit.


4. Yes we are going to make this a party. Stay tuned for allllll the other extra details including food and beverages and live music on scene. 

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